Don’t let your age limit your passions

I’ve been an adamant recycler since I was young and within the last few years have turned full-blown crazy when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling…. yes, I will dig through the trash to pull something out that should have been recycled.


When I joined Angell Marketing, I began recognizing how much paper I was throwing away. Since our office did not have a formal recycling program, my little eco-friendly heart decided to take action. The next week I brought  an obnoxiously large, yellow reusable bag that became my new office ‘recycling bag’. Every Friday I would carry (or sometimes drag) the bag of receptacles to my car and take it to my apartment’s recycling bin to start fresh again on Monday. I thought for sure my coworkers assumed I was insane and would refuse to leave with me carrying that bag on Fridays, but they joined right in and our program was under way! I was so happy to know our small contribution of sustainability would be making an impact.


A few months ago we conducted a video shoot with our client, Beatitudes Campus and I heard about resident Jerry Roseberry. Soon after Jerry moved to Beatitudes, he made it his mission to make a sustainable difference at the campus, and is now the head of the Recycling Program Committee at the community. I WAS SMITTEN! And then it hit me…age had no limit on Jerry’s passion to make his new home a better place. And I didn’t care how foolish I looked lugging home a massive bag filled with recyclable goods every week. We were both making a difference. And although I don’t know and have never met Jerry, it was so heartwarming to know that even at his age, he has remained passionate about sustainability and is making a difference wherever he goes.


So, my message to you is; make a difference, push for what you’re passionate about, make it personal and never let anything stand in your way. No matter how old you are, where you live or what you’re passionate about, I urge you to take action. Your small change could make a lasting impact…and you never know who you could be inspiring.

[To hear more about how Jerry and other residents are making a difference at Beatitudes Campus, check out our videos here!]

Isabelle Schoeppl Marketing Coordinator & Office Manager
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