The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

As a young girl my grandmother taught me the Golden Rule and kindly reminded me of it often – I think it’s what came with being the middle child! But I’m so thankful she did because now it’s a virtue I hold in high regard. Treating people with respect, kindness and compassion are characteristics I […]

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Holiday Reminiscing

The holidays are upon us and like many of you, I’ll be gathering with family to celebrate the occasion. I’m blessed to have many of the senior members of my family close by and I always look forward to hearing about their lives in retirement, but also their lives long ago. One of the most […]

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We’re Off to the Races!

The LeadingAge Annual Meeting and EXPO is just around the corner! Angell Marketing is packing our bags and ready to head to Indianapolis from October 30 – November 2. Visit booth #2739 in the EXPO hall to meet our team and hear about our personal approach when it comes to working with our clients and […]

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Why You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

Let me start by saying, my grandma Carol is way cooler than I’ll ever be. She’s a ball of fire, and at 85 years old, still the life of the party. To give some context, this is my grandma who dressed up in a tutu and carried a magic wand down the aisle at my […]

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Marketing Plans – A Road Map To Success

During college, I found I had an aptitude for sales.  I don’t know where it came from, but I had the unquenchable thirst for making sales. Whether it was the thrill of closing the “deal” or leading a team to success, I was sold on sales. When I became a manager and led team meetings, […]

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Back To School – Finding A New Community

 As I send my only son off to his freshman year in college, I find myself thinking of Faye DiNardo. Who is Faye DiNardo and what is the correlation you may ask? Faye DiNardo is a 97-year-old Italian firecracker that I met a few months ago at The Reserve at Hamilton Trace, one of our […]

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