Capitalizing on the community's master plan of growth and expansion, we created a brand that more accurately reflected Beatitudes’ lively, dynamic lifestyle, as well as, the next-generation of senior living.

Echoing the community’s open, inclusive nature, the Beatitudes’ philosophy invites seniors to be whatever they want — creative, generous, playful, sociable — every day. This philosophy is represented by the tagline, "Live Brightly".

Personalization helps each employee take ownership over their reflection of the brand philosophy. They choose the color and "B" word that accurately represents them.

Aspirational messaging appeals to youthful-minded seniors who envision enjoying the next chapter of their lives in a dynamic, vibrant way.


Campus expansion is underway with residents and staff poised to embrace community growth.

Get to know us, we think you'll like us. Our clients will tell you they do. They'll also tell you they like the results we get them.

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