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“What impresses me most about SMASH,” says Lesli, “is that it is entirely focused on sales and marketing. The best of the best attend, not just in the senior living industry, but experts from other fields as well. I always look forward to sharing and confirming Angell Marketing’s latest expertise and hearing thought-provoking new strategies and forward-leaning trends from others on the leading edge of creating success for senior living organizations.”

“Building new relationships with industry leaders and strengthening those with our existing clients and partners is a SMASH highlight. This year, ‘speed meetings’ were a unique aspect of the conference. Eight six-minute meetings were set up with solution partners curated for Angell Marketing. I had the opportunity to quickly establish relationships with people from different organizations from around the country. We were able to learn about new opportunities, collaborate and strategize as well as share our own strengths.”

“Extremely valuable to our clients may have been my meeting with Site Staff, an innovative supplier of chat support on websites,” Lesli states. “We are known for seeking out and implementing the latest digital services, and others, that can actively engage and motivate potential residents and their families to learn more about our clients’ offerings.”

Relevance rules

Lesli attended a number of enlightening SMASH sessions. The most valuable to our clients may have been on digital transformation. “Digital is changing every day. Content may be king, but keeping it relevant, smart and interesting is where the rubber meets the road to engagement that converts to sales.”

Lesli’s key insights from the session entitled The Ultimate ‘Markitecture’ For Successful Digital Transformation center on keeping touch points feeling personally relevant for prospects:
• Search is more conversational “What is the best senior living community near me?”
• Voice search is being used more and more
• Seniors view devices as electronic ‘relatives,’ reviews and ratings are the new word of mouth
• Efficiency of automated trigger-based nurturing of prospects requires targeted, personalized content
• Video is a priority that needs to be professional and personal to engage and motivate

Landing more leads

The Lead Conversion Immersion Panel led by senior living digital experts confirmed the efficacy of many of Angell Marketing’s best practices strategies for generating qualified leads resulting in conversions:

  • Best practices/lead generation:
    • Maximize inbound marketing–attract qualified prospects to your website via unique, relevant content a la the HubSpot platform
    • Educational content can make you a trusted thought leader in senior living
    • It takes six to eight touch points/engagements to generate a qualified lead
    • Use tools like heat mapping to understand and maximize website engagement
  • Best practices/closing leads:
    • Do it all–traditional, digital, print, personalized direct mail
    • Focus on the resident experience of your community–not just amenities
    • Consider two or more educational events per month
    • Share website data with your sales team

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Lesli Knee Vice President, Director of Client Services
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